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We have compiled these commonly-asked questions from clients and prospective students. These questions range from certification courses offered, to available class schedule, to payment options.

The questions and answers listed here should address the most typical needs. However, should you need further information, assistance or requests, please don't hesitate in contacting us (through phone or email), and we'll be more than happy to talk to you.

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Contact us through phone or email - we'll be happy to assist you with your inquiries.

Main Line:   1-866-800-3030

  • General Info:   info@certpower.com
  • Support Issues:   support@certpower.com
  • Billing and Payment:   billing@certpower.com

Category One About CertPower

Question: What is Certpower?

Answer: CertPower is a company that specializes in providing onsite and online certification training. Our goal is to help professionals advance their careers by assisting them in obtaining their certifications through quality prepration and training.

Question: What's so special about Certpower's course offerings?
Answer: There are plenty of certification training companies out there -- what sets us apart from the rest are:

(1) Our unique learner-centric instructional methodology;
(2) Students are immersed in a highly interactive and engaging learning environment;
(3) More focused class with smaller class sizes;
(4) State-of-the-art instructional technologies that are fully utilized and integrated in every class;
(5) Courses taught by highly competent, qualified and certified instructors; and
(6) You'll love the price! Our training fee is one of the most affordable in the industry today.

In short, we do what we do best: no-nonsense high quality cert training and preparation at an unbeatable price! What more can you ask for?

Question: Is CertPower authorized or affiliated?
Answer: We are an Authorized CompTIA Training Partner - as such, we are accredited by CompTIA to provide training for the various IT certifications they offer.

Category Two About Certification Courses Offered

Question: What certification courses do you offer?
Answer: We curently offer onsite training for the CompTIA CTT+ and A+ certifications (the online versions will subsequently be rolled-out soon). We will soon be offering the CompTIA Security+ training, as well as various Healthcare IT cert preparation courses.

Question: What are your training schedules?
Answer: Training schedules are updated and posted with each certification course. For instance, to know the current class schedule for CompTIA A+, click on the link for A+ on the navigation menu bar, under Courses and Pricing.

Question: Do you automatically issue test vouchers for CompTIA-based certification exams?
Answer: The low price we list covers training fee only (which includes training manuals and other supplemental materials). Test vouchers are sold separately. Since we are an Authorized Training Partner, we can offer voucher discounts to our students.

Question: Are you a Pearson Vue Testing Center as well?
Answer: We are aware of the benefits of having our students the option to take a certification test right after they finish training. We are still in the process of obtaining authorization from Pearson Vue to become one of their authorized testing centers as well.

Category Three About Payments and Billing

Question: Ok, I'm interested in attending your courses. How can I pay?
Answer: We currently offer two (2) methods of enrolling and payment:

(1) Through Email Invoice: Option made for those who want to view an invoice first before paying. Prospective student types-in their name and email address in one of our forms and submits the form. We will then send an invoice to the client (via email), where they can review it and pay.
(2) Through Direct Pay: Faster way to make a payment, as a dialog box pops-up to allow clients to type-in the required payment information. Fast and convenient yet safe and secure, this method will send a receipt to the client's email upon completing the transaction.

Both of our payment methods are SAFE, SECURE and ENCRYPTED. We DO NOT hold any of your credit/debit card information.

Question: What are your refund and cancellation policies?
Answer: There will be situations where a client either reschedules or requests a refund.
For a detailed listing of our cancellation and refund policy, click here.

Question: Do you accept GI Bill?
Answer: We currently do not yet accept nor process payments from GI Bill; however, we are pursuing to become eligible to do so, as we intend in finding means to allow more people to benefit from our training.

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