Healthcare IT

Certification preparation for professionals entering the healthcare IT field.

Course Overview 

Ushered in by both innovative technology and legislative initiatives, Healthcare IT quickly became an emerging field. The hybrid of two industries, Healthcare IT is a convergence of health science and information technology with the penultimate goal of providing the utmost quality care to patients.

Here at CertPower, we introduce you to this exciting and emerging field, through:

  • Certified and expert instructors
  • Immersive and engaging instructional methodology
  • Superb ancillary guides and materials 
  • Confidence in taking certification exams after only 6 days  of class training

Course Details

An exciting new field to have emerged from the convergence of two disciplines, Healthcare IT brings in the best of both the IT and allied health worlds. Health IT professionals are not only conversant in both the language of healthcare and information technology, but also adept, skillful and proficient in analyzing, implementing and supporting the various roles and areas. They are part of a cooperative team that assists clinicians of healthcare organization in providing quality efficient care to their patients.

Achieving Healthcare IT Certification

Although there are numerous certifications for Health IT out there, they have the following common areas:

   (1) Health IT History and Terminologies
   (2) Legal and Regulatory Compliance and Policies
   (3) Clinical Environment
   (4) Health IT Systems and Workflows
   (5) Health IT Projects, Implementation and Support

Our Healthcare IT Training Package

We will soon offer an onsite (live classroom training) package. Our 6-day program wil cover preparation for most entry-level certification exams.
The program delves into the various areas of Health IT, and will introduce students with a working knowledge and skillset useful for starting a career into this new field.

Unlike other training companies that provide rushed and crammed sessions, we believe in providing quality instruction at just the right pace, covering all the material needed but not overloading our students.

Check back here again for the next available schedule, or call us at 1-866-800-3030 for more details.

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