CompTIA A+

The  essential certification for establishing a career in IT.

Course Overview 

Recognized as one of the most essential IT certifications with over a million certified worldwide, the CompTIA A+ highlights individuals who demonstrate mastery of theory and skills of the fundamentals of information technology.  

Here at CertPower, we help you achieve this important certification through: 

  • Certified and expert instructors
  • Complete coverage of CompTIA certification topics
  • Immersive and engaging instructional methodology
  • Superb ancillary guides and materials 
  • Confidence in taking the two exams after only 8 days  of class training

Course Details

The CompTIA A+ is a globally recognized, industry-standard IT certification that validates the foundational skills of the IT professional. Individuals who earn the distinction demonstrate both the knowledge of the most common hardware and software technologies and the skills necessary to troubleshoot and support these technologies. Regarded as one of the core essential certifications of the IT industry, the CompTIA A+ is a must-have credential for the IT professional of today.

To earn the credential, a candidate must pass both tests: Exam 220-901 and Exam 220-901.

Achieving the CompTIA A+ Certificate

Obtaining the A+ certification involves passing the two tests: Exam 220-901 and Exam 220-902. Each test focuses on key areas of information technology:

Exam 220-901 (90 questions max.)
Focuses more on the hardware aspects, including troubleshooting steps. The major topic categories include:
   (1) Hardware and components
   (2) Networking devices
   (3) Hardware and network troubleshooting
   (4) Mobile devices

Exam 220-902 (90 questions max.)
The 902 entails more of the software aspect, including troublehooting steps. The major topic categories of this test include:
   (1) Operating systems
   (2) Other existing operating systems
   (3) Security Issues
   (4) Software Troubleshooting
   (5) Operational Procedures

Our A+ Onsite Fast Track Package

We currently offer an onsite (live classroom training) package. Our 8-day fast track program covers preparation for both the Exam 220-901 and Exam 220-902 tests, the latest series offered by CompTIA (as of December 2015).

Unlike other training companies that provide rushed and crammed sessions, we believe in providing quality instruction at just the right pace, covering all the material needed but not overloading our students.


Day Zero - Pre-class Preparation

Prior to attending the first day of training, students are asked to fill-up a Pre-Training Assessment Survey, which allows us to gauge learner needs and adjust instructional methods accordingly.

Please view and download the Pre-Training Assessment Form for the CompTIA A+. After filling-up the form, kindly email it to:


Week One - Introduction and Exam 220-901 Topics

The first week deals primarily with Exam 220-901 topics. Using immersive and learner-centric methodologies, week one covers:

  • Class introductions
  • A+ Certification details
  • Hardware and hardware components
  • Networking and devices
  • Hardware and network troubleshooting
  • Mobile devices
  • Duration: 12 hours


Week Two - Exam 220-902 Topics

Week 2 covers Exam 220-902 topics, which include:

  • Operating Systems
  • Security and Software Operational Procedures
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Duration: 12 hours

Schedule and Pricing

Our affordable package is inclusive of training manuals and other materials.
We also do on-site training at your location! Please call us and we'll be happy to discuss your needs and accomodations.

Course Name Mode Availability Price Location Payment Method
CompTIA A+ Classroom Training Package
   (Covers both 220-901 and 220-902)
Onsite Mar. 21-31
(Mon-Thu 6-9 pm)
$ 1650 RSVL By Invoice

Onsite Apr. 4-14
(Mon-Thu 6-9 pm)
$ 1650 SF BAY By Invoice
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