Vendor-neutral, industry-standard technical training certification.

Course Overview 

The must-have certification for teachers and technical trainers, the CompTIA CTT+ signifies and designates instructional excellence for those who obtain it.  

Here at CertPower, we help you achieve and obtain this certification through: 

  • Certified and expert instructors
  • Complete coverage of CompTIA certification topics
  • Superb ancillary guides and materials 
  • Confidence in taking the exam in only 3 days 

Course Details

The CTT+ certificate is a cross-industry vendor-neutral credential recognizing  that an instructor has attained a standard of excellence in the training industry.

The CompTIA CTT+ is made up of two (2) tracks: the Classroom Trainer track, and the Virtual Classroom Trainer certification.

To earn the CTT+ designation, a candidate must pass both the computer-based test (CTT+ Essentials TK0-201) and one of two performance-based exams (TK0-202 or TK0-203). 

Obtaining the CTT+ Classroom Trainer Certificate

This track is composed of the CTT+ Essentials, which requires a candidate to pass a computer-based examination (95 questions), and the CTT+ Classroom, which then requires a skill-based performance exam via video submission.  

For the CTT+ Classroom performance-based (skills) exam, the final score is computed by totaling the 12 objective ratings, with each objective/skill scored on a four-point scale. To pass the exam, two criteria must be met:

(1) an averaged total score of at least 36 points must be attained; and
(2) a minimum of score of 2 must be attained in each individual competency area.

Obtaining the CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer Certificate

Similar to the Classroom Trainer track, the CompTIA Virtual Classroom Trainer requires candidates to pass the CompTIA Essentials (TK0-201) first, before proceding to the TK0-203..  

The performance-based section (TK0-203) is similar to the TK0-202, with the final score computed by totaling the 12 final objective ratings based on a four-point scale. To pass the performance-based exam, two criteria must be met:

(1) an averaged total score of at least 36 points must be attained; and
(2) a minimum of score of 2 must be attained in each individual competency area.

Our CTT+ Fast Track Package

We currently offer the Classroom Trainer Certification track (Onsite and Online). Our 3-day fast track program covers preparation for both the Essentials (TK0-201) and the Classroom Performance (TK0-202) sections:


Day Zero - Pre-class Preparation

As their classroom performance will be recorded for submission to pass the TK0-202, students are required to have chosen a topic by the first day of class. Having a topic ready by classtime ensures a smoother, stress-free preparation leading to the live class teaching demonstration.

Please view or download our quick guide: TK0-202-Preparing for a Stress-free Class Demonstration Recording


Day One - Introduction and Overview

The first day gives students a 10-thousand foot overview of what the program entails. We would be covering the following:

  • Class introductions
  • CTT+ Certification details
  • Preparing for Success


Day Two - CTT+ Essentials

Day 2 is an activity-centered day focusing on the Essentials portion of the program:

  • Reviewing Course Objectives
  • Creating a Learner-Centered Environment
  • Maintaining a Learner-Centered Environment
  • The art of Explaining and Questioning
  • Performing Class Evaluations


Day Three - Classroom Performance Day

Basically a day for recording class teaching demonstrations, Day 3 focuses on the Classroom Performance portion of the program:

  • Technical considerations
  • Filling-up the Submission Form
  • Focus on the Instructional Criteria Standards
  • Video Performance Guidelines

Schedule and Pricing

We also do on-site training at your location! Please call us and we'll be happy to discuss your needs and accomodations.

Course Name Mode Availability Price Location Payment Method
CompTIA CTT+ Classroom Trainer Package
   (Covers both TK0-201 and TK0-202)
Onsite Feb. 26-28 $ 990 RSVL By Invoice
CompTIA CTT+ Video Submission (TK0-202)
   (For people who only want the video portion)
Onsite Feb. 27-28 $ 445 RSVL By Invoice
CompTIA Classroom Trainer Package-Online Option
   (Self-paced Computer-based Training Online)
Online April 2016 $ 225 Online By Invoice
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